PodCulture 379: Happy Birthday Pop!

After a special preshow voicemail PodCulture interrupts the normal geekery with a very special episode in honor of the birthday of Brad’s late father. This 65 minute episode is full of bloopers, blunders, outtakes and deleted scenes (aka the infamous “needle scratches”) along with a bunch of fun music too! It is meant to have fun and honor his memory as a time of celebration and not of sadness. Don’t worry…the PodCulture crew returns to their usual brand of wacky next week!

Special Musical guests include:

Rob Balder with “Muppet Laboratories”

“Grandma’s House” by Bonecage

“In The 80s” by Devo Spice

“I Drink Well With Others by Steve Goodie

Beatnik Turtle with “Finnegan’s Wake”

PodCulture 370: Fools Gold 2 – Nuggets of Nerdom

Bring out your fools, it’s April 1st!

Brad opens, paying respect to fallen fellow podcaster, Joe Murphy. Then the seriousness ends and what remains is a year of bloopers, flubs and misspoken moments from cohosts and guests alike!

In a Geek Cuisine to make you sit up and pay attention, Brad shares the 3 new flavors of Red Bull, including cranberry Red, blueberry Blue and lemon/lime Silver.

Music includes “Ninja” by 7 Seconds of Love, “Scott Bakula” by Sunspot, “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton, “I Wanna Live in a World Full of Heroes” by Kirby Krackle and for Joe,”Mason Rocket (Spy Extraordinaire)” by Beatnik Turtle.

The GeekSpin 34: Happy Birthday Pop!

Today June 3rd would have been my father’s birthday, and since it is the first one without him being around…well I kind of wanted to do something a little different and a little special for the occasion. I’m spinning you some tunes that are say….quite special to my father…..many a year ago.

Since technically these songs are not podsafe…I won’t publish a track list here on the website. There are no polls or geeky spins for this episode either….those will return in the next episode.

This episode is for you Pop….we sure do miss ya down here….Happy Birthday!


PodCulture 262: PodCulture Rewind 4

The fourth episode of PodCulture Rewind is here! In this remastered episode the crew pays tribute to one of their favorite actors with: Stargate Louisville Salutes Don S. Davis

Please note however that while this version has been slightly remastered to improve sound quality (leveled the sound a little better, and replaced the music with cleaner higher quality versions of the exact same thing) the audio is still a little rough in places as it was recorded on older equipment and not in the best of conditions either. (in a large convention hall at Dragon*Con)