PodCulture 537: End of an Error – Part D

After the most epic “Road Thus Far” yet the appearance of the original podcast them and an intro bumper by the Torchwood cast the last episode of PodCulture kicks into gear!

Brad, Glenn, and Adam finish out their Game Chatter from the previous episode. (on a personal note…please check out Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and VR)

The guys have their final ever Geek Cuisine and in a flash back to the early days of the podcast…Brad pulls out the infamous Jones Soda with nearly a half-dozen flavors, one of which is a cruel dirty evil trick played on Adam. (well ok…not really but it was still funny…trust me)

Longtime listeners and supporters of PodCulture called in to the voicemail line and shared their thoughts and memories over the years. Special thanks to Billy, Justin, and the blast from the past Ashlee!

Additional bumpers: Miracle Laurie from Dollhouse, Grant Bowler from Defiance, and Tony Curran from Defiance and Doctor Who’s “Vincent and The Doctor”

All good things have to end, and so does this podcast. Adam, Glenn, and Brad share their thoughts of the past thirteen years in the closing, and are joined (thanks to the magic of voicemail and the a bit of editing) by original crew member (and forever a part of PodCulture) Christina! who also shares her memories.

Special musical guests in this episode: Kirby Krackle with “One More Episode”,
The Guild with “I’m the One That’s Cool”, Marian Call with “I’ll Still Be A Geek After Nobody Thinks That It’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem)” GladOS with “Still Alive”

Five hundred and seventy seven hours, twenty minutes, and forty four seconds of geekery draws to a close with perhaps the most epic set of needle scratches and bloopers in all of PodCulture’s thirteen years!

From all of us here in the studio…thank you to EVERYONE who has supported PodCulture over the years! And yes…on that note… We. Are. Outta. Here!

PodCulture 536: End of an Error – Part C

Welcome to the next-to-last episode of PodCulture!

There are more blasts from the past in “The Road Thus Far”

Brad, Glenn, and Adam continue their epic TV and DVD discussion

The guys are about to float off with Cherry Vanilla Blue Sky, and Raspberry and Peach Coke-a-Cola

The games are afoot with Part A of a brief-ish (for them) Game Chatter segment.

Music is a trilogy of favorites this episode the first is an all-time classic and the last two are dedicated to the spinoff that won the Parsec Award for us in 2011 – PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus. (which WILL continue on as its own podcast BTW)

Music in the episode:

“Mason Rocket (Spy Extraordinaire)” by Beatnik Turtle
“An Awful Lot of Running” by Chameleon Circuit
“Onward” by Doctor Noise

PodCulture 535: End of an Error – Part B

After some classic flashback clips in “The Road Thus Far” the wayward sons Adam, Glenn, and Brad carry on with the second of the four-part Final Episode series.

Geeks have to fuel up so the guys dive right on into a Geek Cuisine of tasty Pineapple Water and Twizzler Rainbow Candy Straws.

Refreshed and refueled the crew starts the first part of TV and DVD Talk

After a lengthy chat the guys are thirsty once again and this time Brad has a couple weird sodas he found up at Jungle Jim’s in Cincy. Cinnamon Soda and wait for it…Martian Poop soda.

Bumpers in this episode are from Corey Feldman, Robocop’s Peter Weller and Admiral Adama himself Edward James Olmos

Music in this episode is all Star Wars themed:

“Vader Boi” by Luke Ski (feat Carrie Dahlby and The Nick Atoms)
“Star Wars (A film like no other)” by Beatnik Turtle
“Death Star Prison Blues” by Patrick Rennick and Stephen Whaley

and thanks to the Geek Cuisine double feature in this episode the guys are:
“Too Fat To Troop” by Mikey Mason

Just two more episode of PodCulture after this one…so be sure to get your voicemails in ASAP! The voicemail line’s number is: 812-672-4POD (4763) We would love to hear from you as we wind up this crazy adventure

PodCulture 534: End of an Error – Part A

It is the beginning of THE END…after thirteen years of geekery Glenn, Adam, and Brad start the final series of episodes of PodCulture.

After flashbacks in “The Road Thus Far” The guys get all caught up on what all they have been up to since the last recording.

The first of TWO Geek Cuisines is sponsored by Studio V as Adam brings in Goji Berries.

Christina is prob glad she missed this version of “Phantom” as Glenn inflicts Phantom of the Paradise on the crew as the final Guilty Pleasure.

The second Geek Cuisine is an Oreo double feature with Fireworks (pop rocks) and Cherry Cola flavored variants.

Bumpers are from the gorram shiny crew of Serenity as Alan Tudyk and the late great Ron Glass chime in.

The music is Browncoat themed as well with Firefly by Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill and Mal’s Song by Vixy and Tony.