PodCulture: 538 – The Quarantine Megasode Special – Part A

Hail Hail the gang is BACK!

Yep that damn pandemic had the original PodCulture crew (Brad, Glenn, Christina, and Adam) so crazy with cabin fever that they just had to jump on Skype (no nerd gatherings needed) and record a pair of mega-sized podcast episodes!

In this first of the two the gang catches up, talks about a LOT of TV (because what else do you do during a lockdown?) and then Christina and Brad review Animal Crossing: New Horizons

2018 was the last time this crew recorded, are they still full of Equal Opportunity Geekness? Do pets and long suffering spouses interrupt the show? Only one way to find out…

PodCulture 513: TARDIS Interruptus – Vol. 51 – Black Friday Edition

A Special Black Friday Special Preview of the next episode of PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus!

PodCulture 503: Cat Farts and Peep Poops – Part D

The Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy intros the concluding chapter of PodCulture’s 500th Episode celebration.

With Christina Skyping in via the Xbox One and joining the in-studio crew of Adam, Glenn, Brad, and Cristalle wrap up the wacky fun of the 500th episode recording.

The Gang powers up with Geek Cuisine #1 – Tangerine Red Bull!

Cristalle has her turn picking the FLASHBACK segment and of course she picks what has become one of the most infamous Geek Cuisine segments…Cuttlefish Jerky!

Of course that just leaves Brad to pick his favorite FLASHBACK segment and he chooses a TARDIS Interruptus segment…where Brad and Christina sit down, have tea, and interview the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison!

The PodCulture crew then close out the show and thanks everyone for listening for 500+ episodes.

PodCulture 502: Cat Farts and Peep Poops – Part C

Dead or alive you’re coming with us! RoboCop Peter Weller intros episode 502 of PodCulture.

The entire crew is in-studio (and Christina via Skype on the XB1) and talks a ton of TV and DVD Talk.

Cristalle tries and gets the crew drunk on a Sour Beer for this episode’s Geek Cuisine.

It is Glenn’s turn for the FLASHBACK segment and it isn’t hard to guess what his choice was…of course it is the infamous RoboVampire!

Special Music provided by Beatnik Turtle with “Mason Rocket”, and 7 Seconds of Love with “Ninja”