PodCulture 500: Cat Farts and Peep Poops – Part A

In a show that was so big it couldn’t fit into the studio Brad, Glenn, and Adam, along with special guest Andy are in Studio B (aka the living room) with the trusty Zoom H4n and the guys are joined by Christina via the Xbox One, Kinect, and Skype! Cristalle also joins up with the crew later on in the show.

After the open and the gang gets all caught up the 500th episode fun kicks off as Adam and Christina introduce a special Flashback segment chosen by the both of them as one of their favorite moments from the show. Get ready to experience “The Adam and Christina Show” (best enjoyed with a cold frost Four Loko)

The show then continues with Geek Cuisine (provided by Glenn) Yep…you guessed it even MORE Peeps! An all new flavor of Cotton Candy Peeps and the return of everyone’s recent favorite Party Cake Peeps! Sadly Skype hasn’t perfected matter teleportation just yet, so poor Christina is left to just drool and watch as the rest of the crew devours the sugary goodness!

Glenn surprised everyone with a Guilty Pleasure that the whole crew (sans Christina who wasn’t here to watch it) actually enjoyed quite a bit…”Final Girls” Check out this recent love letter to the old 80s slasher films if you ever get the chance!

Awesome music provided by: Devo Spice with “I Hate Mondays”, Marian Call with “It Was Good For You Too” (blues version), and Insane Ian (feat. Kiki) with “We’re All Gonna Die”

From EVERYONE here at PodCulture Central…thank you for listening and supporting us for the past 500 episodes, and we look forward to 500 more!

PodCulture 446: Side Moob – Part B

DISCLAIMER WARNING: All views and opinions expressed in this particular episode of PodCulture are of the hosts of only and IN NO WAY reflect those of VOG Network, any other VOG Network show, or their hosts and staff.

Now with that out of the way…

PodCulture returns with a special FEED ONLY episode of the show! The crew sits down to discuss two recent conventions in the area: Imaginarium and the Cincinnati Comic Expo. What was good? What was great? What was meh? and What got some of the crew fired up enough to go on a rant? Find out in this no punches pulled episode of PodCulture!

Geek Cusiene is Birthday Cake MnMs with the substitute geeker Andy joining us.

Music is “I’ll Still Be a Geek” by Marian Call

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PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus Special – Pandorica 8

Normallly we don’t like to release raw unpolished audio, but we COULD NOT WAIT to get this bit of audio out to you guys! PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus was lucky enough to be the FIRST to get The Eighth Doctor Paul McGann to read the infamous “Stonehenge Speech” originally done by The Eleventh Doctor! Stay tuned to a full interview with The 8th Doctor to air VERY soon!

PodCulture 440: DragonNope!

After an epic welcome from the cast of Torchwood, since we were not able to go to Dragon*Con this year we are bringing some of the best of it to you!

Brad talks to Rob and Bobby from VOG & OLR. The rain has backed up the gerbil tubes and given some good views of costumes. Rob has been enjoying the panels of podcasts, including the future of tag formatting. Bobby talks to Brad about gaming and the tightening down of the Werewolf game scene. Last year, Bobby demonstrated the Oculus Rift, and he has the second version of it…being tested down south. Bobby also threatens to kidnap our Parsec Awards, should we win. [SPOILER ALERT…we did not]

Geek Cuisines are variations on the theme of Fireball, including the first time the gang tried it, and when they added it to Huber’s Apple Cider.

In a outtake scene from a previous show, the gang helps Adam get Cristalle into Doctor Who after seeing “Bad Wolf” scrawled on a stone.

Part of Dragon*Con is the Parsec Podcast Awards. Both PodCulture and PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus were finalists in their respective catagories, and so we present the samples we sent in to the judges.

Music includes Going Home by Kirby Krackle, First Drink of The Day by 7 Seconds of Love, I Wanna Live In A World Full of Heroes by Kirby Krackle, Gamer Funk by Rob Balder, Mason Rocket by Beatnik Turtle, Companion Application by Devo Spice and Last Dragon Con by Deena Roth.

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(and like any Marvel comics movie…always stay to the end)