PodCulture 440: DragonNope!

After an epic welcome from the cast of Torchwood, since we were not able to go to Dragon*Con this year we are bringing some of the best of it to you!

Brad talks to Rob and Bobby from VOG & OLR. The rain has backed up the gerbil tubes and given some good views of costumes. Rob has been enjoying the panels of podcasts, including the future of tag formatting. Bobby talks to Brad about gaming and the tightening down of the Werewolf game scene. Last year, Bobby demonstrated the Oculus Rift, and he has the second version of it…being tested down south. Bobby also threatens to kidnap our Parsec Awards, should we win. [SPOILER ALERT…we did not]

Geek Cuisines are variations on the theme of Fireball, including the first time the gang tried it, and when they added it to Huber’s Apple Cider.

In a outtake scene from a previous show, the gang helps Adam get Cristalle into Doctor Who after seeing “Bad Wolf” scrawled on a stone.

Part of Dragon*Con is the Parsec Podcast Awards. Both PodCulture and PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus were finalists in their respective catagories, and so we present the samples we sent in to the judges.

Music includes Going Home by Kirby Krackle, First Drink of The Day by 7 Seconds of Love, I Wanna Live In A World Full of Heroes by Kirby Krackle, Gamer Funk by Rob Balder, Mason Rocket by Beatnik Turtle, Companion Application by Devo Spice and Last Dragon Con by Deena Roth.

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(and like any Marvel comics movie…always stay to the end)

REPOST – PodCulture 139: Welcome to the Geekhouse

Due to some audio issues during recording; the latest episodes of PodCulture will be delayed a week. In the meantime…enjoy this classic episode from five years ago!

Come pledge to the Geek House, ladies and gents!

Glenn’s been keeping up with Lost and Heroes, while making sure his WoW-verse doesn’t get neglected. In his day job, Glenn recalls the movie Runaway, while watching a robot investigate a “suspicious package”. Adam’s a lumberjack, and he’s okay, as he takes down remnants of the ice storm in his backyard. He’s finally got power, and has been enjoying season two of Doctor Who, including the gorgeous CGI work in “Satan Pit”. Adam also fills us in on the fanglorious True Blood. We discuss how sci-fi has found its way into “mainstream” television, and the fact that it’s chic to be geek. Christina’s got new brainy specs, and has managed to fit in more House while she packs for her vacation in Cleveland. Brad’s got new eyeballs, too, and has been fighting off the “adjustment migraine” from hell.

The gang geeks in depth about Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, on the Fox Network. We discuss what impressed or disappointed us, how we compare it to Jekyll and My Own Worst Enemy, and Christina psychoanalyzes the Tina and Ike relationship Joss has with the Evil One. What’s your view? Do you have a guess for the dead pool? What are your theories about Amy Acker’s role? Email us!

Geek Cuisine is the rainbowfied Skittles Crazy Cores candies, and Brad shares his recipe for Skittles-infused vodka. Christina puts out the request to the listeners for a recipe for a “Sonic Screwdriver”. The pack talks about dinner at Red Robin.

In closing, Christina gives Brad part of his Valentine’s Day prezzie, which is a license plate holder from the lovely folk from Quantum Mechanix, that reads, “A Leaf On The Wind-Wash Is My Copilot”.

Our promo comes courtesy of The Weird Show!

PodCulture Presents: The VOG Superpanel at DragonCon 2013

LIVE from the Podcasting Track at Dragon Con 2013, it’s the VOG Network Supershow! Join Bobby Blackwolf from The Bobby Blackwolf Show, Rob Roberts from Orange Lounge Radio, Travis Donovan from Under Sedation Live, Brad from PodCulture, and Gary from Critical Myth as they talk about the VOG Network, why it was started, some behind the scenes stuff about it being started, and about the early days of podcasting. There is also a special announcement of a new show coming to the VOG Network this month!

PodCulture 336: Chuck vs the Bookcase Billy

Glenn opens this week, welcoming his cousin Chuck, but you know him as author of Mythical: Heart of Stone, C.E. Martin.

Chuck discusses his early inspiration, including the Doc Savage pulp serials. He began his hand screenwriting, loving the cheesy Syfy Saturday kind of movies. Glenn suggested Amazon Studios to him and got the ball rolling. Going from sci-fi schlock to the super detailed, Chuck puts his early role playing days to good use. Transforming his story from script to novel, he realized the booming world of independent publishing. The gang discusses the definition of Young Adult and Chuck’s transition to a straight out pulp novel. Where should the line be drawn in the sand to get a YA stamp? We discuss age groups and the literary fare offered to them. Chuck is happy to find train wrecks like Shades of Gray and we talk about imperfections in the published word. As much as he loves Doc Savage, he enjoys the errors in it. He embraces pulp fiction and explains the nuances of the genre that he incorporates into the world of Mythical.

Back from the break, Christina raised the question of where Chuck got his character names from, and the stories that follow are enlightening!

Chuck talks about the three indie publishing venues he uses, Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. He discusses the process from start to finish as well as some of the perks and pitfalls of each site. For help, he suggests forums online, including Amazon’s Writer’s Café forums. Glenn mentions BookBaby, for those who don’t have the tech comfort or time to format and upload to the sale sites. Brad enjoys the Calibre program to convert between types of files on the computer. Chuck talks about Kickstarter and how people raise money. Glenn, re-inspired by Chuck, is considering finishing his comic book electronically. Adam is considering Kickstarter for his Star Wars short film. Chuck sites Zack Fenfrock’s film “Nuka Break” as an example of greatness.

When asked what advice is most important in indie publishing, Chuck includes proofreading and knowing when to let something go. Don’t forget, if you’re interested in sampling Mythical, head to Amazon and read the first few chapters. If you’d like to read it, enter our contest! E-mail us at Constest@PodCulture.net, tell us what you’re reading or what books interest you, and you’ll be put in a drawing for not only Heart of Stone, but C.E. Martin is throwing sequel in as well!

Music from Jonathan Coulton with his song, “Ikea” and Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill with “Shepherd Book”. Promo this week comes from The Signal podcast.

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