PodCulture 423: Hangin’ With My Peeps – Part A


Back in the main studio (FINALLY) Glenn is out because of his news chopper duties during the area’s crazy season: DERBY TIME! Christina is up in Cleveland for her birthday; so Adam and Brad sit down with regular show guest Andy,and do some serious geeking about recent TV and Movies. WARNING there MIGHT be some minor spoilers

The crew shares a springtime treat … that of Sour Watermelon Peeps!

Then Brad kicks off an old favorite segment: Geel and Tell! Brad reviews brand new phone the HTC One M8, and the crews compares it to their other phones. (a GS4, and last years model of the HTC One)

Carrie Dahlby with “Titanic Monday”, Steve Goodie with “That Brat Bieber”, and Suit Up! by Insane Ian
Tune in next week for the second half!

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The GeekSpin 38: Tunes and Relative Dimensions in Sound

Hiya GeekSpinners!

Yes I’m back safe and sound from Dragon*Con 2011 sadly without the Parsec Award for Best Music Podcast…but hey after such a long hiatus…just making the short-list is as good as a win! One of the highlights this year was getting to meet the 7th Doctor…Sylvester McCoy! So I have a great batch of Whovian themed tunes for you all in this episode PLUS what just might be the BEST “geeky spin” EVER!

SONG #1 My Name Is John Smith – by The Lonely Traveler

SONG #2 Mr. Pond by Chameleon Circuit

SONG #3 Good Old Girl by Marian Call

Thank you to all the artists for their music…be sure to check out their websites for more great music! Also please be sure to vote for your favorite song from this episode in the poll here on the website (or leave a note in the comments section if the poll isn’t working for you) Thanks for listening gang!

PodCulture 240: Deleted Geeks

Like emptying the bottoms of all the different boxes of cereal into one bowl, we bring you our tasty leftovers!

Our first Geek Cuisine has been provided by Christina, Burger King Ketchup Fries and Onion Rings snack chips.

In a healthy and local segment, Brad shares Huber’s Apple Cider and the tale of Christina’s Pumpkin Spiceburg overdose.

Attention! Glenn brings our next snack, the patriotically yummy Gummi Army Men.

Glenn shares the Guilty Pleasure of Gentlemen Broncos, from the creators of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. The gang is hesitant, but holds out hope for Sam Rockwell.

In a post-Halloween celebration Glenn shares Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks and Ghost Dots.

Christina shares the Pumpkin Spiced Apple Juice, much to Adam’s dismay, but luckily for him the seasonal goodies are over.

In a Geek Cuisine that was fated not to be, we share the Green Lantern Hostess Glo-Balls that were past their super hero sell-by date.

Music includes Sheldon’s Delight by The Great Luke Ski and BlockBuster Video Girl by Bob Ricci. Our promo this week comes from Milk Carton TV.

PodCulture 222: The Big Damn Podcast – Part B

Welcome back, geeks and gals!

   We jump right into part B this week with TV! Andy is watching the old Robin Hood series on Netflix. Adam is caught up with Warehouse 13 and Sarah Conner Chronicles, lamenting the cancellation of the latter. Making Christina happy, he has caught up with IT Crowd and working his way through Fringe. The guys have a Mystery Science Theater moment. Christina started watching new shows while she was in Cleveland, including The Glades, Covert Affair, and a gem called Megasnake. A huge fan of Dylan Moran, she has watched A Film With Me In It on Netflix. Brad and Christina mainline Eureka, and go from pilot to caught up in about two weeks. Find out who their favorite characters are, and who reminds Christina of Dominic Monaghan? Is Global Dynamic a subsidiary of Massive Dynamic in the Fringe universe? They talk about the Netflix iTunes app, and simultaneous streaming. Andy has gotten his son to watch the modern Doctor Who, and the next generation of geek is safe!

Geek Cuisine are Fudgees from Oreo!

In closing, we may be proud of our record of the hottest summer, but we’re advocating avoiding heat stroke. Watch awesome stuff and tell us about it!

Promo courtesy of The Signal. Music includes Mal’s Song by Michelle Dockery and Leaf On The Wind by Darkseid.