PodCulture 412: I Swallowed a Bug – Part B

It is a special Friday episode of PodCulture as Cristalle joins Adam, Glenn, Christina, and Brad for even MORE geekery!

Kicking everything off is the first part of a Geek Cuisine double-feature as Gingerbread Twix bars help to heal the crew’s taste buds after the torture from the previous episode.

Holy hopping vampires! Glenn creates flashbacks to the nightmare of RoboVampire with his latest installment of Guilty Pleasures: Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires.

It isn’t near as bad as the Cuttlefish Jerky was last episode, but in the second half of this episode’s Geek Cuisine double-play the taste of Chocolate Covered Bacon proves to be somewhat…unexpected.

Special music guests for this episode: Mikey Mason with She Don’t Like Firefly and the great Luke Ski with Serenity.

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