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PodCulture 471: TV and DVD Skype – Part A – PodCulture

PodCulture 471: TV and DVD Skype – Part A

With Adam out on a grand adventure, and Glenn busy with work that just leaves Brad to fly solo with the show…or does it?

Prepare to make sure all of your dairy products are secure…because thanks to the magical of Skype and Callgraph the giggle that curdles gaggles of gallons returns as Christina joins Brad on the show and they discuss The CW’s triple hit of comic book shows; Arrow, Flash, and iZombie. (with a few not-so-random tangents tossed in too)

There is a bit of a virtual buffet of Geek Cuisine as the two discuss Bud Light’s Mix Tail Firewalker along with a bunch of goofy eats and drinks.

Throw in the awesome tune Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and a promo from Tuning in to SciFi TV, and there you have it…another geek filled episode of PodCulture!







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