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3 responses to “Contact Info”

  1. Kevin Young Avatar
    Kevin Young

    This is for Christina, I was looking for you on Facebook to “fan” you, but there were several Karr’s. It is not a problem if you have a problem with this. My wife has dragged me into Facebook, now that I’m in I just want to add people I like.

    I am a long time listener and you make me smile everytime you laugh.

    I am sorry to here about your recent loss and I do feel for you, I now am Grand-less and it hurts.

    Thank you for your time,

    Kevin Young
    non-creepy Fan

  2. Samantha Strasser Avatar
    Samantha Strasser

    Hey Y’all! Love listening to the show, you help me unwind on my way home from work! I would like to know if Christina ever beat the final level of Little Big Planet 1. If so HOW?, if not…I feel your pain, for I cannot win either. I’d like to share that the two shows on TV that I cannot miss are Castle and Ghost Hunters on Syfy. LOVE Castle and wish that the network would quit with the only showing it every 2 weeks crap!!! I don’t care about the bachelour I want Castle!!! Currently I am finishing up a series of book that I think Christina might enjoy. They are written by Charlaine Harris, the writer of the True Blood series. There are 5 books , and they follow Lily Bard and her mysterious life in Shakespere, LA. It starts with Shakespere’s Landlord, and I recommend to anyone who likes a good mystry.
    Lastly I think it would be awesome if Podculture had a facebook page. It would be easy to share our geeking and connect with fellow fans!
    Thanks for the awesome shows and keep on geeking!!!!

    1. Brad Avatar

      Glad you are enjoying the show!

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