PodCulture 144: The Twilight of Galactica

In this episode the PodCulture crew is joined by two very special guests!  Christina’s coworker and friend Elizabeth joins in on the fun, while Farpoint Media regular Jack Jaffee of www.jackandtheresa.com rolls into the studio as well.

As this is yet another set of lazy shownotes by Brad here are the highlights:


Christina and Elizabeth lead off with a discussion review of the movie Twilight and its recent DVD release.  Please note that Christina has had Brad bound, gagged, and duct taped to his chair so that he can’t heckle during the segment.


After that the gang all join in and share their thoughts (both good and bad) about the Battlestar Galactica series finale.

Musical guests for this episode are:

Life In the Fleet by Devo Spice (featuring Carrie Dahlby)

Battlestar Rhapsody by the great Luke Ski


Galactica Quorum

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