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PodCulture 89: Phantom of the Cloverfield – Part A – PodCulture

PodCulture 89: Phantom of the Cloverfield – Part A

We welcome Ashlee, Jones Soda and Halo 3 Maven, back to the studio!

The bulb in Glenn’s hella-huge tv went out, Ashlee’s bought the first season of Stargate SG-1, and playing Call Of Duty 4 or Halo 3. Brad talks about Bioshock, and Glenn’s getting back into Mass Effect. Christina finally has a game! She’s living out her director fantasy in “The Movies” for the PC. Brad’s happy to have released his first episode of The GeekSpin, and we entreat our listeners to suggest their favorite pod-safe geek music.

Brad and Christina review the performance of “The Phantom of the Opera”, and she’s still wanting to see Sweeney Todd.

Everyone talks about Cloverfield. (For those keeping track who don’t want to be spoiled, skip from the 18 minute mark to the 30 minute mark) We talk about the previews for Iron Man, Hellboy II:The Golden Army, Jumper, and Star Trek. Brad regales us how Christina tortured him with fancy salad.

We geek and we tell! Glenn’s got his new Illidan Stormrage WoW action figure, we talk about Viewmasters, and the movie Five Deadly Venoms. Brad and Christina go on a hunt for printer ink and end up coming home with a 500GB external hard drive, a memory card for Christina’s phone, two Torchwood books, and the Heroes novel, Saving Charlie. Brad talks about swapping one of his games for Beautiful Katamari for the XBox 360, the greatness of Browncoats. and Star Wars: Allegiance by Timothy Zahn. We’ve also picked up a future Guilty Pleasure in the form of “The Adventures of Young Van Helsing” on dvd Ashlee tells us about the webcomics she’s reading, including “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and “Geebas on Parade”. She shows off her swanky Kotobukiya Master Chief, and awaits her Companion Cube.

We drown our sorrows in chocolate and coffee with Twix Java for this week’s Geek Cuisine.

Thanks to Matthew from Michigan for the info on Jeffrey Combs.

Thanks so very much to Brian and his promo for What The Cast.







4 responses to “PodCulture 89: Phantom of the Cloverfield – Part A”

  1. Chris Avatar

    For your discussion about the SD vs Tape for the Cloverfield camera, at one point during the party the main character asked Hud if he changed the tape in the camera because there was something important on the tape. So I think it was a tape…

    As for cutting down the beginning, they needed that to establish the relationship that drove the movie. And we have to admit it may have been a monster movie but it was also a love story.

  2. Brad Avatar

    Yeah I noticed that tape comment as well, but the opening credit sequence of the film did say “SD card” So either the military either transfered the tape to a SD card or the main character (who I believe said he wasn’t sure how to operate the camera) used “tape” as a generic term for the recording media.


  3. Chris Avatar

    I would give more weight to a post production screw up that slipped thru!

  4. Brad Avatar

    Well yeah that’s the most obvious explination…..but it isn’t near as much fun as trying to come up with our own theroy

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