PodCulture 125: The GeekShow Show – Part A

The PodCulture crew welcomes Scott, Lindsey, and Ben from Geekshow.us into the studio!

Glenn’s back on the WoW wagon, Adam’s playing the drumsticks off Rock Band2, Christina’s reading at watching tv on Hulu.com, Brad’s fixing the PodCulture Cruisier.

Geek Cuisine is spooky sugar this week, as we enjoy Hot Fangs Cinnamon candy corn

Get ready to save the cheerleader AND the world, as the entire room (except for Adam) talks about Heroes in depth. (If you’re wanting to be unspoiled about season 3, skip from 12 minutes to minute 47)  Which of us loves it? Which of us wishes Nathan had nuked the city? What do we think about the writing? Who thinks that the show was the biggest casualty of the writers’ strike? Which characters have to go, and who do we still love?

Promos come lovingly from The 9th: A Heroes Podcast and The Obscure 80’s Podcast.








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  1. […] Ben and I took a recent trip to Louisville to visit with our good friends over at Podculture. Brad, Christina, Glenn, and Adam were all nice enough to let us sit in as they recorded the latest set of Podculture episodes. The first one has been released and available here: PODCULTURE! […]

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