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PodCulture 423: Hangin’ With My Peeps – Part A – PodCulture

PodCulture 423: Hangin’ With My Peeps – Part A


Back in the main studio (FINALLY) Glenn is out because of his news chopper duties during the area’s crazy season: DERBY TIME! Christina is up in Cleveland for her birthday; so Adam and Brad sit down with regular show guest Andy,and do some serious geeking about recent TV and Movies. WARNING there MIGHT be some minor spoilers

The crew shares a springtime treat … that of Sour Watermelon Peeps!

Then Brad kicks off an old favorite segment: Geel and Tell! Brad reviews brand new phone the HTC One M8, and the crews compares it to their other phones. (a GS4, and last years model of the HTC One)

Carrie Dahlby with “Titanic Monday”, Steve Goodie with “That Brat Bieber”, and Suit Up! by Insane Ian
Tune in next week for the second half!

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