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PodCulture 480: RandomFest – Part B – PodCulture

PodCulture 480: RandomFest – Part B

Torchwood’s Eve Myles introduces this episode of PodCulture!

Christina (yep she’s live in-studio), and extra special-extra crazy guest Billy (seriously…the dude drove like TWELEVE HOURS) join Adam, Brad, and Glenn for RandomFest Part B!

The geeks kick off with the first half of TV and DVD Talk

Billy brings the crew a Geek Cuisine treat from his neck of the woods…Macaroons!

After sugaring up comes the second half of TV and DVD Talk (and you know with this many geeks there is going to be some wacky stuff discussed)

Toss in a couple great geek songs and there you go another hour of PodCulture nerdery!







2 responses to “PodCulture 480: RandomFest – Part B”

  1. Dirk Gently Avatar
    Dirk Gently

    Where’s the audio file?

    1. Brad Avatar

      Posted. Dunno WTF happened.

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