PodCulture 503: Cat Farts and Peep Poops – Part D

The Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy intros the concluding chapter of PodCulture’s 500th Episode celebration.

With Christina Skyping in via the Xbox One and joining the in-studio crew of Adam, Glenn, Brad, and Cristalle wrap up the wacky fun of the 500th episode recording.

The Gang powers up with Geek Cuisine #1 – Tangerine Red Bull!

Cristalle has her turn picking the FLASHBACK segment and of course she picks what has become one of the most infamous Geek Cuisine segments…Cuttlefish Jerky!

Of course that just leaves Brad to pick his favorite FLASHBACK segment and he chooses a TARDIS Interruptus segment…where Brad and Christina sit down, have tea, and interview the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison!

The PodCulture crew then close out the show and thanks everyone for listening for 500+ episodes.




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2 responses to “PodCulture 503: Cat Farts and Peep Poops – Part D”

  1. Brian Baker Avatar
    Brian Baker

    I like the podcast, your really sounding (lol) professional (lmao).

    But, what happened to episode 503? The file here is linked to 504.

    1. Brad Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up about linking the wrong file!

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