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  • PodCulture 198: Quantum of Geekness – Part B

    Beware The Ides of Geek! Adam opens this week’s episode with discussion of Syfy’s series, Caprica. Whether or not you were a fan of its predecessor, Battlestar Galactica, Adam promises a show well worth your time. It mixes Americana, for better and worse, and future technology. Christina and Brad are caught up with Survivors, Being…

  • PodCulture 193: Islands in the Timestream

    And then there were three. Brad, Glenn and Christina are Adamless for this week’s episode. Christina gets home just in time to join the boys, and despite the craptastic work week, she has made time for new tv shows. Glenn is keeping up with Fringe, Heroes, Vampire Diaries and playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2. He…

  • The FIRST PodCulture Promo!

    Yeah the gang got together tonight and cut some promos for some of our favorite podcasts! Here’s the “basic” version. Enjoy, and thanks for listening! [display_podcast]